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About Melissa Kester!

Melissa Kester, founder of TAG film, a cutting edge video production company, located in Northern California, possesses myriad skills of tremendous value in the communications and marketing industry. A graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, Ms. Kester has an aptitude for written, verbal, and visual communications. Through creative thinking and articulate writing, Ms. Kester utilizes diverse marketing media to deliver effective messages to the appropriate audiences.  Internet savvy and familiar with website design, Ms. Kester also understands the marketing value of social networking and video sharing websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube.  Excelling in strategic communications, Melissa Kester works closely with organizations to conceptualize and execute inventive videos and social media messaging that engages key audience sectors. Ms. Kester a lifelong affinity for film, photography and  story-telling founded TAG film in 2010 to aid clients in expanding their online advertising efforts. Ms. Kester and the TAG film team provide clients with compelling, short-format, message-appropriate videos for comprehensive dissemination on the web. Ms. Kester is a capable leader with significant project management experience. Exhibiting a friendly demeanor and employing a cordial, interpersonal style, Melissa Kester builds efficient teams and has overseen projects of all sizes.

For more information Melissa can be contacted at


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